The top is only the beginning.

Join us to capture every summit in the World.
You are the leader of your journey, and we've got your back.  Smmts is dedicated to helping every person achieve an outdoor dream. Nothing replaces the feeling of success when you reach the top, but we believe the story is more than touching the highest point.  The Smmts mission to capture a photo and share the stories of every summit relies on the journeys you take into the unknown.  Choose and complete challenges to achieve your goal.  We believe that every person has the right to crush their goals, feel bold, free, and be proud of their achievements.  
To the Top
Zion smmtrs have captured 33% of the region's peaks.   And 1,582 challenges completed.   Your adventure awaits in the back country of Utah.  >>Find your next Smmt.
Ultimate Challenge
List your ultimate challenge, seek backing for the journey of your life.   Smmts is dedicated to providing support for outdoors people to achieve their ultimate goals.  
The mountain, you, the adventure.
Recent Achievements

John Smith

Lone Pine Peak, CA, USA$146

Jerry White

Mount Drum, AK, USA$6,950

Cappucino Rob

Meru, India $17,986

Lynn Roast

Pacific Crest Trail